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Todd Howard: Starfield Locked to 30FPS For Console ‘Consistency

Todd Howard: Starfield Locked to 30FPS For Console ‘Consistency

Bethesda Games’ Todd Howard recently revealed that their upcoming game Starfield will be locked at 30FPS on consoles, as they want the game to have an optimal experience on all systems. Howard said the decision was made in order to “maintain consistency” between all platforms.

Todd Howard added that while the game will run at a higher frame rate on PC, the 30 FPS stays on consoles to avoid players feeling they were missing out on certain experiences if playing the game on another platform. He said “It’s always a debate, and I think that for us, it was always about what’s the best experience. (…) It’s making sure that no matter what platform, it’s consistent. That needs to be the goal, it’s the most important thing, whether it’s resolution, or frame rate, or field-of-view, all those things. Consistency for all the platforms was paramount.”

The game is set in an open-world sci-fi universe, where you’ll be able to explore space, planets, and moons. Howard also said that while there won’t be any loading screens, there will be “ports” in the game that you’ll be able to use to quickly travel around. Starfield has previously been confirmed to come to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 5, though no official release date has been announced so far.


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