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Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown – Cruise Through an Open World in an Expensive Car

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown – Cruise Through an Open World in an Expensive Car

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown – Cruise Through an Open World in an Expensive Car

The Test Drive Unlimited series of video games is back with its newest installment – Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown. In this open world racing game, players get to experience the thrill of owning and customizing an expensive car, capable of reaching top speeds as you cruise through the gorgeous landscapes. This time, it’s all about taking your ride across the globe as you compete in races and challenges, while managing your growing fleet of vehicles and upgrading them as you go.

Customize Your Ride To Your Heart’s Content

In the game, you start off with the basic set of vehicles. As you progress, you acquire new vehicles while also having the ability to customize your existing cars. Get behind the wheel and tweak every detail from the body paint to the internal performance. Aside from making your cars look and run better, you also get to equip special liveries, race-specific upgrades, decals, and a variety of aftermarket parts.

Compete in Races to Unlock Special Rewards

The massive open-world in Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is packed with races and challenges. From local tournaments to ranked world championships, you make your way up the leaderboard as you become the ultimate champion among your peers. In addition, completing tough missions also raises your in-game rank and unlocks special rewards.

Explore & Cruise Around the Globe

Another great part of the game is the fact that you can take your ride and explore the game world however you want. Cruise along the scenic coastlines, take a ride along the wild racer-filled streets, or discover hidden locations. Not only will you get to experience a unique sense of speed and realism when you’re on the road, but you’ll also get the chance to admire stunning vistas from all around the world.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown – A Racing Game Like No Other

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown provides a refreshing take on the racing genre with its mix of car customization, open world exploration, and intense racing tournaments. Every single detail of the game has been crafted to ensure that you have an experience like no other – that of an expensive car in an amazing open world.


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