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Gran Turismo 7: Get On Track with Jaguar in the Glen – Traxion – 4th September

Gran Turismo 7: Get On Track with Jaguar in the Glen – Traxion – 4th September

Gran ​Turismo⁣ 7, ⁣the next installment of the iconic racing game franchise, takes the fans of auto racing back to the ⁤track around⁢ Circuit De La Sarthe, Le Mans, France. This time, you have the‌ chance to experience driving the Jaguar XJ220C race car from‍ 1991.

The special ⁣one-off event: Traxion – Get On Track‍ with Jaguar ‍in the Glen will‍ take ​place on 4th⁣ September. This special event⁣ was organized ⁤for gamers around​ the‌ world to ​experience ⁤the legendary racing​ track‍ and the Gran Turismo​ 7 driving physics.

You will get to‌ witness ⁣firsthand the actual racing conditions in a real-world environment.⁤ This competition ⁤is open to⁤ all⁣ players worldwide, whether they are beginner or veteran players of the ​game. The main attraction of the⁤ event ⁤is that ⁣you‌ will have the‌ chance to drive the same‍ Jaguar XJ220C as⁣ the ‌original​ contenders did in 1991.

In preparation for the event,⁢ the developers have released a special demo‌ featuring the racing ⁣track. This demo has been tested extensively for both ⁢racing and physics⁢ simulation. This demo version includes ​the original graphics from Gran​ Turismo 4 which makes it even more realistic.

To‍ participate in​ the special event, all players need to do is to register online. After ‌completing ​the registration, players will‍ be provided a unique code that can be used to download the special demo version of Gran Turismo⁤ 7.

The‍ event will ⁣include ​different race formats such as⁣ single lap time trial, championship ‍scene, ⁣and‍ endurance race. Players will have the opportunity ‍to ‌compete with up to 16 other drivers who will⁤ be taking on a special section of the track.

The ​winner of the event will⁣ be awarded with an ⁢exclusive Jaguar XJ220C. The winner ⁤will ⁤also receive a full-fledged set ⁤up and tuning guide to personalize their car for the race.

So sign ⁢up for the event ⁣today and⁣ experience the ‍thrill and ⁣excitement of racing with ⁢Jaguar in ⁤the Glen. Gran Turismo 7​ – ⁣Traxion – Get On⁣ Track with Jaguar‌ in the Glen takes place on 4th September.​ Don’t miss the chance⁢ to be one of the first racers to take ‌on the Gran Turismo 7 race track!


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