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Prytania Expands with Two New Triple-A Studios: Fang & Claw and Dawon

Prytania Expands with Two New Triple-A Studios: Fang & Claw and Dawon

Prytania Entertainment Group is excited to announce the addition of⁤ two⁣ brand new, state-of-the-art ‍Triple-A studios: Fang & Claw and‍ Dawon. Together, these two studios will expand Prytania’s ​production capabilities and ‌add new services to its⁢ entertainment portfolio.

Fang & Claw specializes in interactive content, creating immersive, real-time experiences for virtual⁣ and augmented reality players. From concept to completion, they help bring ideas to life. Dawon, on the other hand, focuses on post-production audio processing. It provides audio mixing, design, and recording services that bring out the best ⁢in any video ‌creation.

The two studios are equipped with the latest technologies to support their respective services. They feature a ⁢variety of media-specific tools and have implemented industry-standard practices to ensure highest quality results. These studios also have superior data infrastructure, allowing‍ for secure online access to assets.

The addition of Fang & Claw and Dawon to the Prytania Entertainment Group family further solidifies the company’s commitment to creating exceptional cinematic experiences. With these‍ new studios, the company is poised to become a leader in the entertainment industry.

Prytania Entertainment Group ⁢is an independent film⁢ production and finance company based in Los Angeles. Founded in 1989, ⁤it ​has acquired and produced more than 100 feature‍ films,‌ documentaries, shorts,⁢ and television series.


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