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Steam City Builder ‘Tropico 6’ Receives Price Drop and Major Update

Steam City Builder ‘Tropico 6’ Receives Price Drop and Major Update

Steam City Builder ‘Tropico 6’ Receives Price Drop and Major Update

Tropico 6, the city-builder game from Kalypso Media Digital, just got a big update and even bigger price drop. Owners of the game on Steam can now get the game for 15% off. The update, ‘Ironhand’, brings a wealth of new content to the game including new requirements for your citizens, political candidates, spies, and world leaders. It also adds new scenarios, buildings, and gameplay improvements.

Ironhand adds more complexity to Tropico 6’s politics, allowing players to create dynamic relationships with other nations. Players will also have to combat threats of espionage and foreign interference as your Tropicans now demand more personal freedoms.

The update also adds new buildings like a wine cellar, sports ground, and drive-in theater for more immersive game-play. Players can now also take part in unique co-op or single-player campaign scenarios. Already existing features like the espionage system have been improved, with the use of spies now opening up new strategies.

The update also tweaks the graphical polish and the interface while adding a new scoring system for the game. If you don’t want to wait to find out what the update has in store for you, you can check out the official patch notes here.

What’s more? Steam is hosting a special Tropico 6 Week, with special deals, discounts, and other goodies. For those who don’t own the game, this is a great time to get it, as you can now get it 15% off. The game itself is also scheduled to get another update next month, with more interesting features to be added shortly.

From its deep political ties to its customizable city building, Tropico 6 is an intriguing city-builder with all it has to offer. With the new Ironhand update and Steam’s Tropico 6 Week, players will get even more options to play.


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