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Smash Pro in a Stink After Opponent’s ‘Smelling’ Diss

Smash Pro in a Stink After Opponent’s ‘Smelling’ Diss

⁤ Professional Smash Bros. player ‌Jamie Livingston is feeling⁣ a‍ little burned⁣ after ⁤his opponent, ‌fellow‍ Smash ⁣pros Lyall Bostick,‍ issued an ‌unflattering⁢ remark following⁣ the two’s match ‌at ‍the⁤ recent TourneyMania competition.

⁢ During⁢ a‌ post-match ⁣interview ⁣with Twitch streamer Elsie Barker, Bostick ​said that⁢ even‌ though he‍ was the ⁢victor, Livingston had put up⁣ a surprisingly strong ‍fight. ‌Then, Bostick added, “I’m‍ gonna ⁣be honest,⁢ though,⁢ I​ did smell⁣ something‌ when⁣ I⁣ got⁣ up ‍close ​to ‍him. ‍That’s how I⁢ knew to ⁤back off when I needed‍ to!” ​

⁣Livingston ⁣wasn’t amused⁢ and voiced his ‌displeasure⁤ with⁣ Bostick’s smug remark⁣ through social media. “Lyall’s ⁢comment was ​not only ⁢unsportsmanlike, it⁣ was unprofessional,” Livingston⁣ wrote ⁤in a Twitter⁢ post. “Smash Bros. ​is a game ⁤of strategy ⁤and skill,⁤ and ⁤commentsunlike ‍this‌ should‌ have ‌no place in ‍the⁤ community. #smashdissrespect.”

It looks ​like the ⁤burn ​on⁣ Bostick⁤ was ‌too⁤ much, as the Smash pro‍ quickly issued an⁢ apologetic post ‍of his own. “I apologize for ⁢my recent comment during ⁤Elsie⁣ Barker’s Twitch stream,” ​he⁣ wrote.‌ “It was ⁣a poor ⁢decision‌ on my part and it was entirely in bad taste.”

Unfortunately‌ for Livingston, the damage ⁣may have⁢ been done. The comment has been retweeted more than ⁣2,000 ‌times,⁣ and​ even caught the ​attention‍ of‌ some ⁢major Smash figureheads, such as⁢ streamer Tawny⁤ Juice. “This kind ⁢of⁣ behavior is ⁣unacceptable,” Juice ⁢wrote‌ on her own ⁣Twitter.⁢ “It undermines ‍the spirit of the⁢ game and​ sets a poor example ⁣for ⁣those ⁣looking to get⁣ into the competitive⁢ Smash scene.”

This⁣ isn’t​ the‍ first ​time⁤ a Smash pro has been ⁢caught up in controversy. Last year,⁤ Joe ⁤Green ​found‍ himself⁢ in hot ​water after⁤ being caught cheating​ in a⁤ tournament. This time, ‍though, it looks like Bostick isn’t in the ⁤clear and ​Livingston is ‍left with a bad taste in ​his‍ mouth.


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