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Sega Weighing Options After ‘Virtua Fighter’ Misses Out on Game Awards

Sega Weighing Options After ‘Virtua Fighter’ Misses Out on Game Awards

Sega has been weighing its options for its 2017 release Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown after the⁣ game was‌ left​ out of ​the nomination ‍list for various categories of ⁤the Game Awards.

The latest version of‍ the fighting game series was released in 2017⁣ and was met with overall positive reviews from ⁤players ‍and critics alike. However, despite the solid reviews, the game was notably absent from the nomination list for the Battle Royale or Fighting Game categories of the Game Awards. Sega was understandably​ disappointed with the situation, but the company​ has‌ thus far refrained from‌ showing any visible signs of disappointment.

Despite the lack of success in the award space, it appears that Sega is still very much supportive of Virtua Fighter​ 5⁤ Final Showdown. The company⁤ recently ​announced ⁢plans​ for a new tournament‍ series based⁣ on the ⁣game, with an estimated 5,000 competitors expected​ to compete for the grand prize. This series is expected to launch in spring‍ of 2019‍ and should provide a much needed boost for the game.

Sega has also been actively working on ‍other projects, all of which are aimed at reinvigorating interest in their⁢ games. They⁤ have ‍launched re-releases and remasters of classic titles in ⁣order to make⁣ them ‍more accessible to a new ⁤generation of players. In addition‍ to ​this, Sega has also made efforts to promote their games and engage‌ with the fans via social media platforms like Twitch ‌and ​YouTube.

The lack ⁤of recognition for Virtua Fighter 5 Final ‍Showdown is a disappointment for many, but it appears that Sega isn’t giving up on the game. With a new tournament series on the horizon and the company’s continued efforts to promote their ⁤games, ⁢it seems likely⁤ that the game will​ still enjoy its‍ fair share of ‌success in the⁤ coming years.


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