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Celebrate 25 Years of Half-Life with New Maps and More!

Celebrate 25 Years of Half-Life with New Maps and More!

Valve’s team shooter Half-Life is celebrating its 25th⁢ anniversary, and to⁢ mark the ⁤occasion, they’ve released new maps and‌ content updates ‌for the classic game. Players can join in the celebrations by hopping ‌into the upgraded⁢ classic, or the‌ updated game. The new maps ‌and content include:

  • Six new community-created maps in the classic experience
  • A “Respawn” match type to keep teams alive
  • A “Deployment” match type with ⁤objectives to complete
  • A “Lobby” function to join multiple games
  • Updated textures and effects
  • Re-calibrated game balance and weapons

These new updates provide the perfect opportunity to have some retro-style fun with friends. Players ⁣can enjoy everything the original game had to offer, with ⁣a few twists to keep things‍ interesting. It’s also ‌a ‌great way to get some practice in ‌before Half-Life: Alyx comes⁢ out.

Valve has also released ⁤a special edition of the game to commemorate the 25th anniversary. It comes with ⁣a number of exclusive features, ⁤including updated textures, ⁢effects, and‌ weapons.

So if you’ve been ‍waiting for an excuse to dust off the controller ⁣and ⁢revisit a‍ classic, there’s no better time ⁢than now to celebrate 25 years of Half-Life.


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