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Scream in Delight with Steam’s Monstrously Good Scream Deal!

Scream in Delight with Steam’s Monstrously Good Scream Deal!

With⁤ the days between Halloween and Christmas being counted, Steam, the ‍popular digital game distribution service,‍ is conjuring up thrills‍ by offering players a monstrously good deal with their ​Scream Deal.

From 20 ‌to⁤ 26 October, a new horror game will ‌be made available each day⁢ at a smashingly low price. If players purchase the Scream Deal bundle, they will ⁣gain access ⁢to all the horror titles featured each day.

For the horror fanatics, this is an opportunity ⁣not to be missed,​ as they​ can look forward to a diverse selection of titles like Friday the 13th: The Video ​Game, Dying‍ Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition ‌and Resident Evil 5.

Those who enjoyed the classic horror ⁢games made available on this day would ‌also not want to​ miss out, with titles like Alone in ‍the Dark: Illumination, Darkest⁤ Dungeon and Layers of Fear ‌included ‍in the Scream ‌Deal.

For⁤ those who are brave enough and dare to ⁤take a shot at trying‍ all​ the thrilling horror‍ titles featured in ‌the Steam Scream Deal, then they will be⁤ handsomely rewarded with a 40% discount off all the titles.

This is the perfect ‌opportunity for horror fanatics ‌to stock up on their favorite creepy games, as well as try out something outside of their scaring comfort zone. After all, ⁣Halloween is just around the corner and who can ⁤resist ​an awesome discount like this?

The Steam‍ Scream Deal begins on 20 October and ends on 26 October, ⁣so hurry and don’t miss out on this ⁢monstrously​ good deal and scream ⁢in delight!


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