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Sapphire Edition of ‘Phantom Rose II’ to Launch October 30

Sapphire Edition of ‘Phantom Rose II’ to Launch October 30

Phantom ‌Rose II, the eagerly anticipated sequel to⁤ the award-winning Phantom Rose, is set to capture ⁣the imagination of fans when the Sapphire Edition launches on October 30. Developed by the‍ critically acclaimed studio Epoch Fields, the sequel continues the story of the original, but ‍promises an even ⁢bigger and more immersive ‍adventure.

The Sapphire Edition of Phantom Rose II boasts enhanced graphics and sounds, ​along ⁤with an array of new features and content. On top of‍ the all-new adventure, the game includes ‍a range of customizable options including adjustable difficulty and unlockable rewards. Players can also look forward to improved AI and dynamic ⁢environments to explore.

The studio has⁢ also teased an online multiplayer experience, in which up to four players can take on the campaign together. With a system of⁣ in-game leaderboards and rankings,⁢ the game promises to provoke fierce competition as ⁢players⁢ battle to be the top protagonist⁣ in the​ world of Phantom‌ Rose II. ​

Epoch Fields have stated that⁤ this​ edition marks the beginning of the Phantom Rose franchise’s next stage. With‍ an array of ‌updates as well as the ⁢highly anticipated sequel, this edition is⁢ set to fulfill the expectations⁣ of⁤ devoted fans and newcomers alike.

The Sapphire Edition of Phantom Rose II is set to launch on October​ 30, and ⁢will be available ⁣on PC, Mac, Xbox,‍ PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.


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