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Sapphire Edition of ‘Phantom Rose II’ to Launch October 30

Phantom ‌Rose II, the eagerly anticipated sequel to⁤ the award-winning Phantom Rose, is set to capture ⁣the imagination of fans when the Sapphire Edition launches on October 30. Developed by the‍ critically acclaimed studio Epoch Fields, the sequel continues the…

Limited Edition ‘Alone in the Dark’ Collector’s Edition Announced – Only 5,000 Copies Available

Prepare⁤ Highlighted Game ​enthusiasts ​should get ready as‌ limited edition ‘Alone in the Dark’ Collector’s Edition has just been announced by game publisher Atari and is ⁣set for late⁢ 2021 release. Only 5,000 copies of ​this limited edition collector’s⁣ edition…