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Reviewing 2023: Top 10 Must-Reads from Game Developers

Reviewing 2023: Top 10 Must-Reads from Game Developers

Games for Everyone

2023 was a tremendously successful year for game developers in the‌ world of gaming. Many excellent titles were⁣ released, offering something for everyone. From complex strategic​ simulations to intense action-adventure⁣ experiences, there was something for everyone. Here’s a look at⁢ 10 of ⁣the ‍must-read titles of the year.

The ‍Banner Saga

The Banner Saga ⁤is a tactical role-playing game set in a fantasy world. ⁤Players take ​on the role of a​ viking warrior and lead their ​allegiances ‌through immense fighting and political intrigue.⁣ The game features gorgeous visuals and ‍an incredible score, as well as an intriguing story that will draw you ⁢in for hours.

Shadow ‌Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is⁣ a stealth-oriented⁢ real-time tactics game set in a fantastical version of feudal Japan.‌ Players must lead a ​team of ninja-like warriors through missions, blending tactics, deception, and subterfuge⁤ to succeed. The game features an ‌engaging storyline and beautiful‌ art direction ​that sets the ⁢tone perfectly. ‍

Shape of​ the⁣ World

Shape of the World ⁣is a procedurally ‍generated exploration ‌game where⁢ players must traverse a surreal, shape-shifting ‌landscape. The game features incredibly ‌lush visuals and sounds, as players must piece together clues ⁢and uncover secrets about the mysterious ‌world they ‍inhabit.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a roguelike action-platformer that ⁤forces players to survive⁢ in a randomly generated castle. The game brings together tight platforming combat and permanent death, creating a challenging yet rewarding ‍experience that will hook hardcore action gamers for hours.


Minit is an adventure game ⁤all about ​time management. Players have 60 seconds to explore and complete ‌tasks on a variety of islands. It features a charming pixel art style ⁤and a ⁤clever twist‍ on the traditional adventure game formula.

What Remains of Edith Finch​

What Remains of⁣ Edith Finch‌ is ⁤a narrative-focused exploration game. Players must explore the Finch family house and uncover secrets about Edith’s past. ⁤The game features poignant storytelling, beautiful art direction, and an affecting experience unlike anything else.


Inside is a puzzle platformer set in a mysterious world. Players must⁤ progress‌ through a​ hostile environment filled with puzzles, hidden secrets, and ⁢stunning visuals. The game ⁣received ⁢critical acclaim from publications all​ over the‍ world for its tight​ controls and⁤ heavy atmosphere.

Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata is an action role-playing game set ⁤in a post-apocalyptic world.⁣ Players take on the role of ‌an android fighting to⁢ reclaim the earth from⁤ robot forces‌ that have ⁤taken over. The game features exciting combat and an intriguing story, as well⁢ as beautiful graphics and‌ music.

Horizon Zero ​Dawn

Horizon⁢ Zero Dawn is ​an action-adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by robotic creatures. Players must master the game’s intense bow-and-arrow combat to survive. The game features an engaging story and stunning visuals, as well as intense gameplay that will‍ keep players hooked.


Celeste⁢ is a platformer with a focus on story. Players must help Madeline as she faces her inner demons and struggles to climb a mysterious mountain. The⁣ game features close proximity ⁢platforming, as​ well as an ‍inspiring ⁤narrative ‌that ⁤will stay⁣ with players long after the credits roll.

2023 was an amazing year​ for ‌game developers, ⁣with a variety of excellent titles‌ released. This list showcases some⁣ of the must-read titles of the year, showcasing​ something for every ⁤kind of gaming‌ fan. Whether you’re looking for a ​tactical role-playing experience, a stealth adventure,‍ a narrative-focused exploration, or a fast-paced action game, you’ll find something to delight you.


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