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Warzone 2 Players Unhappy with “Lazy” MW3 M13C Attachments

Warzone 2 Players Unhappy with “Lazy” MW3 M13C Attachments

An oft-asked question coming up throughout the gaming community lately ‌has been whether or not Call of Duty:​ Modern Warfare ⁣3’s M13C attachments are the same as those found in the ⁤recently released Warzone 2.

This prompted some‍ players to⁢ investigate the matter closely, only to discover what they deemed as a “lazy” move made by the ⁣Modern Warfare 3 developers. According to them, the majority of the M13C attachments used in Warzone 2⁢ are identical to ⁤those found in the previous installment.

In Warzone 2, the only two attachments that could ‍be seen as‍ being significantly ​better than those found in Modern Warfare 3 are the Shield and Rambo styled barrel. These are slightly larger than the standard M13C ‍attachment but still marketed as being new and improved.

The majority of⁣ the M13C⁣ attachments in Warzone 2 are ​the exact same ones used in Modern Warfare 3. Some of the attachments​ are identical in both games with only a few noticeable differences. The Recoil⁤ Compensator, which was⁢ not ‍found in Modern Warfare ​3, is now a staple of Warzone 2's M13C attachments.

This has led some gamers to voice their frustration over what they see as a “lazy” move on behalf of ⁣the developers. Many are claiming that‍ instead of creating new attachments, the developers decided to reuse and recycle the same ones for Warzone ⁢2. Even though the differences are arguably‌ minor, many dedicated fans of the series are ⁣disappointed with what they perceive⁤ as⁢ a lack of innovation.

While some gamers feel that the developers' decision was somewhat short sighted and uninspired, others have come to their defense. These ​people understand that the developers have limited‌ resources and time, and that they⁣ had to make difficult decisions​ regarding the inclusion of ⁤certain features in Warzone 2.

No matter what side of the debate ​you're on, it is clear that Warzone 2’s M13C attachments have not gone unnoticed. ⁣Whether or not you find the choice made by‍ the developers to reuse the same attachments to ⁤be lazy or a practical decision made under ⁢the ‌circumstances, gamers have expressed their mixed opinions and started an interesting conversation about the issue.


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