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Remedy Communications Director Sounds Alarm about Xbox Series S GPU Issues

Remedy Communications Director Sounds Alarm about Xbox Series S GPU Issues

Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation gaming console,‍ the Xbox Series S, ⁢has been the center⁢ of attention ​for the company’s communications⁢ department. Recently, the Communications Director of Remedy Entertainment,⁤ makers of the⁣ popular titles Control and Quantum‌ Break, took to Twitter to sound the​ alarm ⁣about possible problems​ with ​the hardware’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

According‍ to the ⁣communications director, there are⁣ indications‍ that the GPU ​on the ⁢Xbox Series S may not ⁤be ‌capable of rendering some certain ⁢kinds of games or game modes, ⁣including 4K and ray tracing-enabled titles. The hardware is believed to ⁢be similar to that of the Xbox One S, but without the additional power ⁢of the Xbox One X’s GPU. While the company has⁣ not officially ⁣confirmed these ​technical​ issues, they ⁢have noted that they are monitoring the situation very closely.

The Communications Director also spoke up about the​ expectations for the upcoming games and hardware: ⁤“Ultimately, the ​games ‍on Xbox​ Series S will be better, but they will need to be optimized around⁣ the hardware’s capabilities and power.”​ He concluded with,​ “It⁣ will be interesting to see how developers leverage the capabilities of the hardware to create ‌immersive next-gen gaming experiences.”

The Xbox Series S is ​expected to ship in ‍November alongside the more powerful Xbox ​Series ​X. Many gamers⁣ have already made pre-orders for the next-gen console,⁤ and are anxious ‌to see what‌ the⁣ hardware has the potential to accomplish. It appears that⁤ Remedy Entertainment’s Communications​ Director is doing their part to be sure ⁤that gamers‍ are informed of any potential problems.


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