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Modern Warfare 3 Streamers Ecstatic After CoD Next Experience: ‘We’re Back!

Modern Warfare 3 Streamers Ecstatic After CoD Next Experience: ‘We’re Back!

Call of Duty fans are in a state of excitement after the unveiling ⁢of the CoD Next Experience last week. Warzone pros​ and players of ⁢the Modern⁤ Warfare 3, a beloved version ⁢of the ⁣renowned‌ franchise, are especially ecstatic for ⁣the official reveal.

Many have been waiting for a remaster for ⁣years and the trailer features the iconic ‌scenery of the original MW3 in a⁤ modernized form. Viewers could feel the nostalgia of past‍ duels ⁤and iconic multiplayer matches as ⁢they watched. Many veteran players even got to contribute their stories for the profile montages in the trailer,⁤ adding ‍an even deeper⁢ level of immersion.

“It was a moment‍ I dreamed of for years” said veteran MW3 streamer SlickRick25. ‌“We ⁣waited ⁤a⁤ long time for a beloved version ​of CoD ​to come back.⁣ The trailer was awesome and I can’t wait for the ​remaster.”

Indeed,​ the⁢ excitement​ has spread throughout the MW3 community with the official announcement. ⁤On⁢ social media, fans‍ of⁣ the original series have taken to their platforms to express their joy, solidified by the #We’reBack hashtag.‍ Moderators,​ streamers, and players, all have gathered to share their memories and hype up⁤ the‌ next CoD experience.

The Modern Warfare 3 remaster comes as⁣ a⁢ groundbreaking step for the CoD series.​ Many believed that the classic version of ⁤the game could restore the charm and intense gameplay⁤ of the original series. With modern graphics and sound effects, the remaster could potentially be the best CoD game in years, according to many pundits.

The announcement of the remaster has left many thrilled and begging ‍for more. Advanced Warfare is apparently next in line ​for a remaster​ and the community is eagerly⁣ awaiting ⁤more news on the‍ matter.‌ Until then, MW3 streamers are left in⁢ a state of exuberance ⁢and hope for the future⁤ of the franchise.


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