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Riot Games Brings VALORANT to the Global Stage with Champs 2023

Riot Games Brings VALORANT to the Global Stage with Champs 2023

Riot Games has taken the gaming world by storm with its announcement of the Champs 2023 ⁤Program, bringing the highly popular multiplayer first-person shooter Valorant to the international stage. ‌ In ⁣an⁤ unprecedented move, Riot Games has announced an expansive​ program that combines world-class competitive esports competitions and regional amateur championships. This program is designed to‌ bring ‌the Valorant Community and more into‌ the international spotlight, giving players and⁢ esports fans the chance ‍to experience the world’s​ best ⁢competition.

Champs 2023 will consist of a series of tournaments at the‌ regional, national and world levels, with launches planned for‌ 2020 in Europe, North America and the Middle East. Each regional event⁣ will feature ‌dedicated competitions for the top professional and amateur teams, while the world championship will‍ bring together the best players and teams from each region.

Riot ​Games has committed itself to ​supporting the growth of Valorant esports, and Champs ​2023 marks the company’s first step towards achieving this goal. Riot Games CEO, Nicolo Laurent, ⁢has stated that ‌the Champs⁤ Program will bring ‌the “buzz, excitement and fandom”⁢ of professional play to the regional and international stages. With⁢ the promise of “unprecedented ​visibility” for the Valorant Community, Champs 2023 stands to improve the​ global esports scene significantly.

In addition to providing competitive competition,⁢ Champs 2023 ⁣will seek to bring the Valorant Community together with an in-game representation program for pros and amateurs ​alike. With a‌ dedicated Champs page in-game, players from around ⁢the world will have the chance to showcase their best performance in the competitive scene. ​Players will be ⁤able to unlock exclusive rewards such as ⁣player icons, ⁢sprays, and even in-game currency.

The Champs 2023 Program is expected to be a major ​turning point for Riot Games and the Valorant esports scene.‍ The program will bring a larger worldwide audience to the game, and further cement the title’s place as a top-tier multiplayer shooter. With Valve’s Dota 2 Majors and Blizzard’s Overwatch World Cup already marking their ‌presence in⁣ the⁢ esports scene, Riot Games’ Champs⁢ 2023 Program will make Valorant a global powerhouse and an ⁢international⁣ success story.


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