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Bungie Emerges Victorious in Lawsuit Against Harassing Destiny 2 Player

Bungie Emerges Victorious in Lawsuit Against Harassing Destiny 2 Player

Bungie have won a legal battle against a Destiny 2 player whom they sought to stop from continuing their harassing behavior.

Bungie, the developers of the popular video game Destiny 2, prevailed in a lawsuit filed against a player of the game. According to court documents seen by PC Gamer, the player had engaged in a prolonged pattern of harassment against Destiny 2 players, streamers, employees, and community moderators.

The 11-page complaint detailed how the player, identified only as “John Doe”, had repeatedly harassed Bungie employees and other players, including sending threatening messages, making false accusations, and using hateful language. According to court documents, these incidents had been going on since August 2019.

In the lawsuit, Bungie sought damages for its losses due to the player’s actions and an injunction from the court to prohibit the player from continuing to harass Bungie or its players. A settlement was reached between the two parties on December 14th.

The terms of the settlement state that the player must refrain from making any derogatory or threatening statements against Bungie, its employees, or players of Destiny 2, and must not engage with anyone associated with the game in any negative manner. The player also had to agree to delete any social media accounts used to harass other players.

In an official statement, a Bungie spokesperson said: “We are pleased that this long ordeal is now over and that we can get back to focusing on producing the best experiences for our players.”

The decision by Bungie to take legal action against the Destiny 2 player is a sign of the company’s commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for its players to enjoy the game. It also sends a message that harassment, no matter the context, will not be tolerated by the company.

The lawsuit is an example of the lengths game companies are willing to go to protect their players and maintain a safe environment for all gamers.


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