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G2 JonahP ‘Disrespectfully’ Responds to Critique During Sentinels Invitational

G2 JonahP ‘Disrespectfully’ Responds to Critique During Sentinels Invitational

G2 Esports’ Fortnite superstar JonahP made quite the entrance into the Sentinels Invitational last week when he⁣ was caught responding to a fan’s critique of his play in ‌an interesting way. During a break in‍ action⁤ in a match, JonahP was watching his teammates‍ finishing out the final ‍set of matches.

At one point, a fan in the stands critiqued JonahP’s play and the way⁣ he controlled his team. The fan ⁣said ⁤that despite JonahP’s impressive‍ skill, his team was ‌struggling and he wasn’t making the best decisions. JonahP, who had been listening to the entire exchange, was caught‍ on camera⁤ responding in a way that some would say was ‘disrespectful’. He waved his hand and ⁣said “whatever you say”.

Needless⁢ to say, the moment didn’t sit well with the audience and his team. G2 Esports has⁢ since issued a statement addressing JonahP’s actions, saying that it “does not condone this kind of behavior‍ and expects its players ‍to be respectful, no‍ matter what the⁤ situation”. The team went on to⁣ say that they have spoken ⁤to ⁢JonahP and reminded him of the standards they‍ expect their players to uphold.

While it’s still ‌unclear if JonahP will face any sort of disciplinary action for his behavior, it’s clear that this ⁢isn’t the type of behavior that G2 Esports supports. This incident is yet another reminder of why it’s important that professional players always remain respectful of their fans, critics, ⁣and⁤ opponents.


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