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My ASUS ROG Ally Review: What I Got Wrong

My ASUS ROG Ally Review: What I Got Wrong

I recently purchased the ASUS ROG Ally gaming laptop and it was an interesting experience. I was eager to try a gaming laptop for the first time and it sure didn’t disappoint. I made a good choice with this laptop and it met all of my needs, but there were a few things I got wrong.

When I went out to purchase the ASUS ROG Ally, I had a budget in mind and wanted to stay within it. I didn’t realize how expensive gaming laptops can be and ended up spending more than I had expected, but I was okay with it since I was still getting a good deal. I didn’t realize that I could have gotten the same performance with a cheaper version, such as the ROG Strix.

I was also naive in that I assumed the laptop would come with everything I needed. I had to purchase a separate gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset. Additionally, I learned that some games may require additional peripherals. I should have done more research beforehand and factored these items into the total cost.

Another mistake I made was failing to buy an extended warranty or service plan. While this laptop is well made and has great customer service, I wasn’t willing to risk a potential breakdown or repair without one.

Finally, I wasn’t aware of the different settings on the laptop. I thought I could simply start playing my favourite games out of the box. However, the laptop was set to run on low settings by default, which means that I didn’t get the best performance for the price. I now understand that I need to adjust the settings in order to make the most of this laptop.

In conclusion, the ASUS ROG Ally is a great laptop and a smart purchase, but I got a few things wrong while buying it. I should have done more research on gaming laptops in general, factored in peripheral costs, purchased an extended warranty, and adjusted the settings. If I had done these things, I would have had an even better experience with this laptop.


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