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P’s Lies: Get Steampunk Bloodborne at 60FPS

P’s Lies: Get Steampunk Bloodborne at 60FPS

P’s Lies: Get Steampunk Bloodborne at 60FPS

Are you desperately seeking the maximum performance possible from Bloodborne, the dark gothic thriller set in the untamed gothic landscape of Yharnam? Well, you don’t have to look further than P’s Lies to get your Steampunk-flavoured experience with the game running at an astonishing 60 FPS.

P’s Lies introduces a major graphical overhaul of Bloodborne, making it look more akin to a steampunk game in setting. The new lighting engine, revamped textures, and graphical optimization all contribute to a steep improvement in performance, all the while keeping the original’s unique atmosphere intact. Additionally, P’s Lies files feature some optional changes to the game’s visual style, such as expanded HDR values, an improved depth of field, and much more.

As you would expect, achieving higher visuals and performance comes at a cost; some of P’s Lies features will require a high-end GPU to operate at 60 FPS. Those with lower-end PCs can still make use of the mod pack, but they may have to set the game’s graphical settings to a lower level in order to maintain frame rates.

Bloodborne is a truly remarkable experience, and with P’s Lies it really gets the chance to shine. For players looking for the ultimate performance possible, P’s Lies offers an incredible package to get the most out of the title.


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