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Pokémon’s COO Pledges To Keep Franchise Alive For “Hundreds of Years

Pokémon’s COO Pledges To Keep Franchise Alive For “Hundreds of Years

Pokémon’s Chief Operating Officer,⁣ Tsunekazu Ishihara, recently reaffirmed the beloved franchise’s longevity amid speculation that other video game franchises may be facing their demise.⁤ Ishihara said‌ that the company had been able to adapt to the⁤ changing landscape and successfully ​keep the franchise relevant for almost 25 ⁢years, and he added⁣ that “as long as we continue ‍to stay up to date with current trends, the Pokémon franchise ​can continue to stay alive in people’s hearts for hundreds⁣ of years.”

Ishihara highlighted​ the company’s successful pivot to the mobile platform as a key factor in the franchise’s longevity. The Pokémon GO AR game, released in 2016, allowed players ​to⁢ catch virtual monsters in real-world settings and spurred a ‍new wave of interest in the franchise. Ishihara also praised the Nintendo​ Switch line of consoles which has allowed the company to bridge the gap between home console gaming and portability.

The Pokémon franchise ⁣has been a major part ⁤of ​gaming culture for over two ​decades, ​and it shows no⁣ signs ⁤of slowing down. With the introduction of Pokémon⁣ Sword and Shield in‌ 2019, the franchise ‍is gearing up for its eighth generation of games.‌ Ishihara promised fans that there are “many more exciting announcements and updates” on ‍the way, and that “the best of Pokémon is yet to come.”

It is clear that the Pokémon Company is doing everything in its⁣ power to ​ensure the franchise is around for many more years to come, assuring fans of the beloved franchise that ‍the‌ Pokémon universe is here‍ to stay. ​


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