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Pokémon Go Fans Weigh In on Niantic’s Omission of Gen 8 Starters

Pokémon Go Fans Weigh In on Niantic’s Omission of Gen 8 Starters

Pokémon Go fans⁤ have been ⁢abuzz ever since Niantic announced the addition of over 70 Generation 8 (Gen 8) Pokémon to the game.⁢ However, many die-hard Trainers⁢ have noticed one thing missing from ‌the list: the beloved Gen 8 starters. Since their debut back in 2019, ‍these creatures have become icons of the Galar region, and ‍many⁣ fans were hoping to see the starters appear in​ Pokémon Go. But ⁤why are the starters missing from Niantic’s announcement?

Gabby D., an avid Pokémon Go player, has some theories. “It’s likely that Niantic doesn’t ​want to flood the game with too many ⁣new ⁤creatures all at once. They most likely wanted to focus on adding other Gen 8 Pokémon first before⁢ introducing the starters. Plus, ​I think they probably didn’t want to have too many ‘mon from the same region all at once since it⁢ would take ‌away from⁢ other regions already in the game.”

Meanwhile, Jake T. isn’t ​sure the‍ omissions are ‍intentional. ⁤“I ‍think Niantic may⁢ have forgotten to‌ add the Gen 8 starters. ‌There are so many Pokémon to keep ⁢track of now, it’s easy to miss something. They might have⁢ decided ⁢to focus on ​other Pokémon first, but the omission ‍of‍ the Galar starters is probably an oversight.”

Other Trainers, like Jessica ⁣X., take ⁢a more practical stance. ⁤“I think Niantic left the starters out because they’re not particularly popular. Sure, people like them, but when compared to other beloved Pokémon, the starters ​don’t have the same level of following. It’s probably easier for Niantic to focus their efforts ⁣on Pokémon that are more popular and have a​ bigger ‌fan base.”

No matter what people think, ​the missing mystery of the Gen 8 starters continues. Will Niantic ever add them to Pokémon Go? Only time​ will tell. Until then, Trainers can enjoy the newest additions and continue training ⁤to become the very ⁣best⁣ like no one ever​ was.


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