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Pokemon Criticized for Unauthorized Use of Fan-Made Music in Showcase Stream

Pokemon Criticized for Unauthorized Use of Fan-Made Music in Showcase Stream

Pokemon faced criticism recently after⁢ using unauthorized fan-made music during‌ their Pokémon Showcase Stream. The stream featured track ‌after​ track of fan-made music⁣ featuring original remixes of popular Pokémon​ theme ⁢songs as well as ⁣background music from the game series.

Many fans of the​ long-running series noticed the stream featured their own fan-made songs without any credit given to the creators. Some of the songs have since been removed‌ from the ⁢stream, however ‍it has sparked a wider discussion around creators’ rights to their own ‍art‌ form.

This isn’t the first time that Pokemon has⁣ been called⁤ out for its lack of credit to fan-made efforts. They’ve previously received criticism over‌ their use of artwork, including using sprites and concept art without crediting the original creators. ⁢The use of fan-made ‍music without asking for permission or permission ⁣to use has angered many fans who feel their art is being taken advantage of.

While some have argued that fan-made music is not subject to the same‌ copyright laws as officially released music, many have argued that, as the Pokemon Company has ⁢a responsibility to give⁣ credit ⁤to anyone who created the⁢ music featured ‌in the stream ⁤or in any of its products or shows.

The Pokemon Company​ has yet⁣ to comment on the controversy, but ‍some have called for it⁤ to be more transparent regarding the use‌ of fan-made music, art, and⁣ other content in its products. Although many have seen this as just another example of corporate greed, it’s ⁢clear that⁣ fans are demanding more respect for the art and ideas‍ they have contributed to ‍the Pokemon franchise.


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