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Pokemon Company COO Addresses Issue of Saturated Market

Pokemon Company COO Addresses Issue of Saturated Market

The Chief Operating Officer (COO)​ of The Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, recently addressed the issue of a saturated market in the video game industry. Ishihara stated that The Pokémon Company “will continue to strive to understand‍ what the players‍ would want from us and create contents that would meet their needs”.

Ishihara spoke more⁢ broadly about the entire market, acknowledging the oversaturation which has​ caused ⁤a decrease in the appeal of video game titles. He ‍stressed the ​importance of focusing on the⁢ players’ viewpoint, citing⁣ a need to create an atmosphere and system which encourages players to overindulge in⁤ their experiences. He noted that The Pokémon ⁢Company’s services must be tailored to the player’s individual ways ⁤of playing in order to drive satisfaction and to meet their needs. ‌

Ishihara also ⁢emphasized ⁢the importance of cultivating relationships with other companies. He spoke‌ of the importance of Nintendo’s⁣ partnership with The Pokémon Company when creating games in the series,‌ as it allowed them to‍ tap ‍into a wider range of experiences. He also hailed the success of their recent mobile ⁤application game, Pokémon Go, as another example of their‌ collaboration with both Nintendo and Niantic in creating an entertaining experience.

Ishihara concluded by expressing that the Pokémon Company ‌would continue their mission to provide players ‌with high quality and ‌enjoyable content. He iterated that the company was continuously looking for ways ‍to⁣ reach out to different demographics and pursue new experiences. Their ultimate goal ⁤is to become the ⁤trendsetter ⁢of the industry which will bring‌ in new types of players into the market.


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