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Players Disgruntled by Urzikstan Map Design: Compared to Verdansk, It’s Too Complicated!

Players Disgruntled by Urzikstan Map Design: Compared to Verdansk, It’s Too Complicated!

Players have expressed displeasure‌ over the map ⁤design in the ‍fictional Urzikstan country, the setting of Call of Duty’s Warzone game. Compared to‌ the Verdansk map, Urzikstan is considered not user friendly and overly complicated by many players.

The first issue with Urzikstan ⁤is the lack of roads⁢ and pathways for players ​to traverse the map. Without these roads and ⁣pathways, players often find⁣ themselves getting⁢ lost and unsure as to where they are. This can lead to confusion in game play, making it harder to achieve ‌objectives. ⁣Additionally, while Verdansk features open streets, Urzikstan ‌is ‌filled with‍ narrow alleyways and tight corners which can ⁢make‌ it difficult to escape from or spot enemies.

Another issue with Urzikstan⁢ is the lack of areas that could be considered safe zones.⁤ Unlike Verdansk, there⁢ are no long ⁤stretches of open terrain⁤ that would provide cover from enemy fire or be​ used as‍ staging spots for‍ ambushes. Many players‌ have complained that Urzikstan’s terrain is too complex, and that the lack of such areas makes it difficult to strategize⁢ in‌ game.

What’s more, Urzikstan also features⁣ numerous‌ multi-level ⁢buildings with multiple⁢ entry points,⁣ making ⁢it ‌easy for enemies to come upon players from‍ behind. In ⁣contrast, Verdansk has more uniform buildings mapped out with single entry points. This makes it easier ‌for players to anticipate and​ respond to enemy movement.

Finally,‌ players have ‌noted that the map design of Urzikstan has an issue with lag. This is‍ due to the size⁢ of the map and​ the large‌ number of textures, buildings, and objects present. The large number of ⁢textures‍ can slow down frame rate, which ⁤can hinder movement​ speed and⁣ reaction time, meaning​ it’s even harder to survive in Urzikstan ⁢than in Verdansk.

Players ‍are disappointed with the⁢ Urzikstan map design‌ and‍ feel it ⁢pales in comparison to the Verdansk map. With‍ no safe zones for ⁣players ‌to escape from‍ enemy fire, narrow‌ alleyways and doorways, and a laggy ​frame ​rate, it’s ⁤no ​wonder that ⁤many ⁤players find‌ themselves wishing Verdansk ⁣was⁣ back.


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