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Super Mario Bros. Proves the Nintendo Switch is Still King of the Platformer

Super Mario Bros. Proves the Nintendo Switch is Still King of the Platformer

Super Mario Bros. is⁢ here to show that the Nintendo Switch‍ is still the ⁣King of Platformers! Launched in 1985, Mario has definitely stood the test of time.​ After more ⁣than 30 years of adventures and transformations, Mario has come back to the Nintendo Switch​ with a‌ vengeance. This time, Mario is now a 3D open-world platformer​ with so much to do and ‍explore.

The BRAND-NEW ‍Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe features 180 challenging levels, brand-new power-ups, and ‌improved controls for a ⁣better gaming experience. Players⁣ can now take advantage of the increased speed, the bold colours, and the updated level designs. The⁤ game includes Mario himself​ and two other heroes – Toad and Nabbit – and even a​ Super⁢ Luigi‌ mode.

Whether played as a single-player adventure or with four players in⁤ the co-op⁤ mode,⁢ the game guarantees hours of pure fun.‍ You can ⁣explore secret levels,‌ challenge your skills with the new amiibo costumes, and unlock hidden powers and rewards. Plus, thanks to ⁤the Joy-Con controllers, you can play with friends ‌at any location with your Nintendo Switch. ‌

To make your gaming experience even richer, ⁢a⁤ series of new online features are now available. You⁤ can race ⁢against your friends, send and receive coins and boosts, ‌and ⁤exchange ⁢levels with ⁢other players. This makes Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe ⁤a great⁤ full-package adventure game – one ⁢you‍ can​ play with friends in ‍different places.

So ⁤if⁤ you’re looking‍ for the king⁣ of the platformers, you’ve found it. Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has ‌everything you need for an awesome gaming experience. With so much‌ to​ do ⁤and enjoy, Nintendo Switch is still the ruler of ⁢platformers.


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