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Players of Baldur’s Gate 3 Share ‘Dumb Mistakes’ Committed During Combat

Players of Baldur’s Gate 3 Share ‘Dumb Mistakes’ Committed During Combat

RPG games often pose a challenging ⁢but ultimately rewarding experience to players. The same is ‍true for the most recent installment of the popular‍ role-playing game series Baldur’s Gate 3. Despite the game’s strategic elements, players have committed some amusingly “dumb mistakes” during combat, according to the game’s forums.

One‌ of ​the most common mistakes is to ‌cast a spell without realizing ⁢its effect. One Redditor shared that ⁣they had cast a sleep spell during a boss‍ fight and failed to realize that⁤ it did not harm the‍ boss. This caused them to hopelessly⁣ struggle against the boss until a group mate was able to revive them. ‌

Another popular⁣ mistake is face-tanking with your primary character instead of using tanks. This can cause⁤ party members to quickly ⁣die out, leaving your⁢ main character ‍unprotected. ⁢One Reddit user shared that they had used their sorcerer as a tank instead of ⁤their cleric, which resulted in their sorcerer being quickly taken out by spells.

Players have also shared stories of forgetting to use ‍buffs, ⁢causing their characters to fight weakened. Some players also ‍forget to unequip an armor ​piece,‌ as this can cause you to deal less damage than usual. Players can also forget to focus on their target, which can​ lead to a party‌ member taking an extra hit.

But ​the game is still fun, according to the fans. Despite these mistakes, players can still progress through combat with careful ⁢strategizing and the help ‌of companions. This can lead to some genuinely rewarding ‍moments.


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