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No Guest Fighters in Tekken 8’s Base Roster Confirmed by Katsuhiro Harada

No Guest Fighters in Tekken 8’s Base Roster Confirmed by Katsuhiro Harada

Video⁤ game giant Bandai Namco Entertainment’s ‍esteemed producer ‌Katsuhiro Harada surprised fans today when he tweeted an announcement that⁣ Tekken 8’s base⁤ roster will ‍be exclusive to ‍the series’ current characters ⁤in‌ an attempt​ to give⁣ each one ⁤engaging new storylines.

This ⁤announcement comes⁣ in the wake of news that ⁢Tekken ⁣8 will⁣ be the first⁣ modern ‍installment⁤ to the series ⁤in nearly a decade.‍ Fans had ‍speculated that ⁢Harada and his ⁢team would ⁢be introducing⁤ multiple new characters into the ⁢next iteration to make‍ up⁤ for the time elapsed.

However,⁢ in ⁣a⁢ recent‌ tweet,⁢ the renowned producer quelled these thoughts, writing “Tekken⁢ 8 will not have ​any ⁢guest ‌characters in its ⁢base‌ roster.” He followed by emphasizing‍ that, though⁢ the idea ⁢had⁢ been frequently discussed, he ultimately felt⁣ that it was important for‌ the game to focus on the existing ​roster ‍of ‌characters.

Harada’s ⁣decision reflects ​his ​goal‍ of ensuring that the Tekken⁢ story remains a⁢ cohesive‌ one, and that character development ⁢progresses seemlessly ​without the⁣ introduction of any unwanted‍ distractions. His ⁤tweet concluded with the message that the team ⁣is operating at peak performance‌ to ensure the⁢ stories of ⁤the existing cast‍ are at the highest⁤ quality.

Many gaming fans disappointed with⁢ Harada’s announcement responded to the tweet​ in a ‍less-than-enthusiastic manner. However, ⁢others were‌ encouraged by⁢ his​ stance on keeping​ the world of⁢ Tekken true to⁤ its own⁤ lore. The debate ​continues ‍to ⁣rage‌ on, though at‌ this​ point⁢ fans will have to wait until Tekken ⁤8’s ‌release ‌to see ⁣just what⁤ kind⁤ of ⁣character changes⁤ are ⁢in store.


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