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Nintendo Unveils Pikmin 4 Home Goods Collection Coming to FamilyMart

Nintendo Unveils Pikmin 4 Home Goods Collection Coming to FamilyMart

Fans of Nintendo’s Pikmin franchise will be delighted to hear that Nintendo has teamed up with Japanese convenience store FamilyMart to bring a special Pikmin 4 home goods collection. This collaboration will bring exclusive character merchandise to fans of the franchise and elevate the shopping experience of fans.

FamilyMart will feature products with designs based off the Pikmin 4 characters, including Pikmin and Captain Olimar, the main characters from the franchise. The collection will include items such as towels, tote bags, pencil cases, mug cups, and other stationery items. Additionally, FamilyMart will also be selling exclusive Pikmin 4 padded cushions, bringing even more family-friendly fun.

Nintendo and FamilyMart also announced that customers who purchase at least ¥ 1,200 worth of Pikmin 4 goods will receive a special Pikmin 4 mini cushion. Additionally, fans can also look forward to exclusive Pikmin 4 posters when they visit FamilyMart stores.

The Pikmin 4 home goods collection is available for pre-order from FamilyMart stores in Japan starting on June 18. Fans can also purchase the exclusive goods from the FamilyMart online store. This collaboration is sure to bring delight and joy to Pikmin fans of all ages.


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