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Nintendo Switch Online Adds Two Classic Pokemon Games Today

Nintendo Switch Online Adds Two Classic Pokemon Games Today

Nintendo Switch users will be able to enjoy two of the most beloved entries in the Pokemon ⁢series as of Thursday. Pokemon ‍Stadium and Pokemon Snap, two classic titles from the early 2000s, are now available on the system via Nintendo Switch Online.

Pokemon Stadium allows‌ players to battle it out‍ using teams of Pokemon to compete ‍for the title of Stadium Champion.‍ The game ⁣typically provides unique⁢ stages, and several ⁣mini-games for Switch users to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Snap allows users to explore environments and take ⁣pictures of different ⁣Pokemon they encounter. Players must then‌ take the photos they’ve taken and submit them to Professor Oak for points.

The two‌ games join Super Mario Bros. 35, Dr. Mario and Animal Crossing Games in Nintendo Switch Online.⁤ Players will need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to be able to play both games.

The news comes ahead of the third generation of the⁢ Pokemon series, with the previous⁣ titles remastered ⁣for the series’ 25th anniversary. It is also rumored that a new Pokemon game is set to be released in late 2021⁤ or early 2022.

Nintendo Switch ‌users are sure to have plenty of fun with the two classic titles now added⁤ to the system. With more updates ⁢and​ new games on the way, there’s sure to be plenty of ⁣hours of gameplay for Nintendo Switch users!


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