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Nier Sequel on the Horizon – But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

Nier Sequel on the Horizon – But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

For fans of the Nier franchise, the possibility of a sequel is both exciting and intimidating. It’s been nearly five ‌years since the‌ release of Nier Automata, and although the game was a critical success, there’s still⁣ no⁢ indication ​of ⁤a ​follow-up. Recently, there have been some substantial hints⁤ that a ⁢sequel could be on ​the way, but it’s important to keep expectations⁣ in check.

The main source of speculation comes from a Tweet made ⁢by Game Director Yoko Taro ‌earlier this year. ​The Tweet reads: “I⁣ want to ‍make [Nier] 3. But for what platform and with what staff?” Immediately, this set off ​a flurry of rumors and​ speculation⁣ across the internet. Could this be the official announcement that ⁢a Nier sequel is in development?

Admittedly, the Tweet has ⁤left a lot of questions unanswered. More importantly, it ⁤hasn’t actually confirmed that development ⁣on a third installment has already​ commenced. It’s important to‌ remember that Yoko Taro has a tendency to joke around on social media, so this Tweet could just be an‍ idle musing rather‍ than ‍an official announcement.

Even if a sequel is​ in the‌ works, ​it’s likely still a ‌couple years away. Square Enix is well-known for taking their time when it comes⁢ to developing games. It took seven years before Nier Automata was released,⁣ so if a sequel‍ is actually on ‌the ⁣way, it won’t ⁢be happening anytime soon.

So, while there’s a‌ chance that a Nier sequel could be on the horizon, don’t ​get your hopes up just yet. Until there’s​ an official announcement, ⁢it ⁤remains little more than speculation. Still, it ​provides hope that ⁤Nier fans could ‍get a follow-up game ⁢someday.


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