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TimTheTatman Removes COD Skin in Support of Nickmercs

TimTheTatman Removes COD Skin in Support of Nickmercs

TimTheTatman Removes COD Skin in Support of Nickmercs

TimTheTatman, a popular gaming YouTuber, has removed a popular Call of Duty: Warzone skin in support of fellow YouTuber Nickmercs. The move comes after Nickmercs called out Activision, the developers of Call of Duty: Warzone, for failing to acknowledge their hard work in promoting the game.

TimTheTatman announced the news on his Twitter profile, writing, “I’m removing the recent #Warzone skin I unlocked in support of @NICKMERCS. @Activision owes him and other content creators an apology.”

While TimTheTatman hasn’t mentioned any further details regarding why he took the decision to remove the skin, Nickmercs previously called out Activision for failing to give him credit for helping to promote the game. He tweeted, “It’s a real shame to see Activision still not recognize content creators who have done more for this game than they ever have or will. All I want is credit that’s due to me and my team for setting a standard of excellence that puts us at the top of the industry.”

Nickmercs’ fans and supporters have thanked TimTheTatman for his gesture of support for Nickmercs. Others have also called upon Activision to respond to the situation and apologize for not giving Nickmercs the recognition he deserves.

It remains to be seen what action Activision will take in response to this situation, but it’s clear that many people support TimTheTatman’s decision to remove his skin in solidarity with Nickmercs.


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