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MW3: Significant Nerf Sidelines Strongest AR in Recent Update

MW3: Significant Nerf Sidelines Strongest AR in Recent Update

Recent updates to Modern⁢ Warfare 3 have brought a major nerf to one of ⁣the strongest ‍assault rifles in the game. The FAD has been long regarded​ as one ⁣of the strongest weapons in the entire series and⁣ was heavily relied on ⁤by experienced players. This update has significantly reduced its​ damage output, making ⁢it weaker than its counterparts.

The ⁢FAD is known for its high‍ damage ‌output at long distances, making it a popular weapon for players looking to make long-range shots. But with the recent update, the ⁤damage has been reduced ‍from 30 to 20, making it much weaker than ⁢the other ARs ⁢in the game. Players ​can still make ‌long range shots with the FAD, but ⁢the ‌damage reduction has made it far less competitive with the other ​assault rifles in the ⁢game.

The FAD⁣ nerf was part of a larger update to the game that included changes to ‍weapons, attachments, and the weapon‌ balancing system. While the FAD nerf was ‍the most significant change, several of the other weapons ⁣were also adjusted‌ to make the overall balance of the game better. However, many players are still feeling the impact of the FAD nerf,⁣ especially those who were relying heavily​ on ‍it for their play styles.

Overall, the⁢ FAD ‌nerf⁤ is significant and has had a noticeable effect on the ‍game,⁢ as ​the⁤ strongest AR has been ⁣sidelined due to the update. While the other​ weapons were ⁣also adjusted in the update, the FAD nerf ‌has been the most ⁣impactful, as it has been a staple ‍of the game for a long time and is used by many experienced players. While it is​ still ⁣possible to make long range shots with the FAD, the damage reduction has⁢ made it far ‍less competitive with the other ARs in the​ game.


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