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Modern Warfare 3 Fans Unhappy with Cheesy Weapon ‘Ruining’ Gameplay

Modern Warfare 3 Fans Unhappy with Cheesy Weapon ‘Ruining’ Gameplay

Fans of the‌ highly⁣ popular Modern Warfare ⁤3 series are not happy with the latest ⁣weapon that has been​ added to the game. The “M99 Stalker” sniper rifle is being labeled by some⁢ as cheesy and game-breaking.

Critics of⁢ the added weapon ​claim that it essentially eliminates ‍the ⁢skill factor involved in ‍the game. Players have likened having the ⁣M99 Stalker as ⁣an “aim-bot” since it is ⁣so⁣ incredibly accurate and made even more‍ powerful with the no-scoping attribute ‌that comes⁢ with it.

The overpowered rifle has become widely ⁢used by⁤ players ⁢and it’s ⁣automatically selecting scope‌ makes it an easy way ‌to win battles without putting in any effort. Players are unanimous in their‌ distaste for the weapon and they are vocalizing their opinion in the ‍forums. Some are even expressing that they are done with the entire game because of ​this addition ‍and ​others are demanding⁤ a patch rollout to either regulate⁢ or remove the weapon.

Some questions are also being raised about the timing of the weapons introduction. ​Many are wondering if it was introduced​ to slow down the ‍inevitable ​”burn-out” that was likely to come from ‌lengthy game-play. Whatever the⁣ case may be, the developers have‍ had to⁣ make a response. Recently, Infinity Ward have taken to the forums to defend​ the weapon and reassure players that they hear their⁢ complaints.

For now, Infinity Ward have stated that there is no plan to patch or remove the weapon, and ​that ‌they are currently researching‍ how to ​better‍ balance the game, taking into account both competitive and casual gamers. The developer team are also ⁣reassuring players that ⁣the M99‍ Stalker⁢ rifle will not be the only overpowered weapon they introduce to the game. In the meantime, theory-crafters and players are actively discussing​ solutions for the modern​ warfare game-play issue.


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