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MNM Gaming Ends Partnership, Seeks New Team – SiegeGG

MNM Gaming Ends Partnership, Seeks New Team – SiegeGG

MNM Gaming, the successful North⁢ American Rainbow Six​ esports organization, has announced that it is seeking a new team and that their partnership with their existing roster of ⁣four, Valorant players, is coming to an end.

The organization announced the news ‌through the SiegeGG Twitter page, where‌ they thanked ⁢the​ players ‌for their hard work and commitment over ⁢the past year and wished them ⁣the best of‌ luck in the future.

“Today we bid a bittersweet goodbye to our VALORANT roster. ​We’d like to thank the players⁤ for their dedication to our organisation and all the ⁢work and hard fought battles we have experienced together,” the organization wrote.

The organization added that the players would continue‌ to compete in tournaments ‍independently and that it intended to find a new VALORANT lineup in the⁣ near future.

MNM Gaming’s current roster consists of‍ back-to-back G GSLeague International champions Jake⁣ “HEADSHOT”‌ Ellender, Barry ⁤”armani” Hulshof,​ Caleb “C9X” Fung, ‍and‍ Janae “JANA” Leatherman. The ⁣team was signed⁤ earlier in the year⁤ to become the ⁤organization’s official VALORANT roster.

MNM Gaming have been​ involved in a number of other titles previously, participating ⁢in multiple ⁤esport titles such as Overwatch, Rainbow ⁤Six, and Call⁣ of Duty.

Whatever MNM ​Gaming’s plans ‍are for the future, many of the organization’s fans would love to ⁢see them return to the VALORANT scene in‌ the not too distant future.


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