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Microsoft CEO Promises More Investment in Gaming

Microsoft CEO Promises More Investment in Gaming

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella ‍has ⁢recently⁣ made a promise to investors that Microsoft will continue to ‍invest and improve in its gaming sphere. The ⁣statement came after Microsoft revealed disappointing earnings ⁤in the Games and Hardware Devision,⁤ which recently saw a 36% decrease ​in losses.

The company has ⁣stated that due to the introduction of XBOX Series X, their focus has shifted from quantity of production to quality of product. Microsoft is confident that their new console and exclusive and improved infrastructure will bring more success for the gaming division as ⁢well as increased growth in other⁣ parts of the company.

Nadella has also expressed increased⁢ confidence in the⁣ gaming industry in general. He believes that gaming has become an essential component of the home entertainment‍ experience and that Microsoft is well-positioned to capitalize on​ it. Microsoft has already made steady progress in acquiring stakes in ​some of the ​largest gaming companies in‍ the ‍world such as the⁣ Mojang‌ acquisition⁣ in 2014, a⁢ major stake in the‌ popular ⁤streaming and esports‌ platform Twitch, and a partnership with Discord.

The investment in ⁣gaming is also part of a ‌wider acceleration in large tech firms investing ​in cloud gaming, a platform which allows gamers to play their favourite titles ⁣without having to own expensive gaming gear.⁢ Microsoft’s cloud-based gaming platform – xCloud – has already seen success ⁤in the few months it’s been available.

Overall, the increased investment in ⁢gaming reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to its gaming division, as the company looks to compete with⁣ Sony, Nintendo, and other rivals. Microsoft⁢ CEO Satya Nadella’s‍ promise of increased investment in ‌gaming is undoubtedly a positive ⁢step‌ for the company’s future.


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