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Embrace the Epic Scale of the Horus Heresy with Legions Imperialis

Embrace the Epic Scale of the Horus Heresy with Legions Imperialis

The Horus Heresy is the most climactic and grand of conflicts in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It saw armies of billions clash amid a galaxy-wide war between the traitorous Word Bearers Legion and loyalist Space Marines who remained loyal to the Emperor of Mankind. As such, playing a game that depicts the epic scale of this conflict can be one of the most thrilling and rewarding things a tabletop gamer can experience.

One of the newest and most thrilling games to join the ranks of those that attempt to recreate the Horus Heresy is Legions Imperialis, an ambitious game released by tabletop gaming publisher Games Workshop. It’s a game that brings the galaxy-spanning conflict of the Horus Heresy to your tabletop in a deep and meaningful way, totally immersing its players in its grand narrative and allowing them to affect the fate of the galaxy with their own personal battle strategies.

At its heart, Legions Imperialis is a dice-rolling game that uses unique terrain tiles to build a detailed battlefield upon which its forces wage eternal war. With an array of different units to choose from, players can create their own unique forces and customize them with different weapons and wargear to optimize their strategic choices. Additionally, players have access to dozens of diverse leadership and command cards which grant them powerful abilities and strategic advantages. By judiciously combining various units with cunningly-crafted command tools, players can command their forces with unparalleled finesse and tactical acumen.

But what truly sets Legions Imperialis apart from all other games of the Horus Heresy is its narrative element. This game allows players engage with its story in entirely new and unique ways. Crafting generations-long campaigns, players build their own grand eras in the setting of the Horus Heresy, as well as enacting titanic battles between powerful champions of both the loyalists and traitors.

The ambition doesn’t stop there. Noted factions of the setting, such as the Dark Angels and the White Scars, are also represented in the game, allowing players to take on the power of these almighty Legions with their own armies or incorporate them into their campaigns.

At its core, Legions Imperialis is a game that encourages its players to think big and hard. With noble heroes, powerful battles, and an expansive narrative, Legions Imperialis is a game that truly allows you to not just embrace the grand scale of the Horus Heresy, but revel in it.


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