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Hamster Wraps Up Arcade Archives For 2023 With Final Release

Hamster Wraps Up Arcade Archives For 2023 With Final Release

The beloved Arcade Archives series is saying goodbye with its ⁢ final release in 2023. Famous⁢ for its preservation of classic arcade-style ​games, the⁤ series has been a fan favorite since it debuted in 2019. Hamster Corporation was behind the ⁢wheel⁢ of the entire series, bringing some​ of the most iconic games of the ⁣’80s and ’90s into the modern age.

The ⁣ first title released was SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, allowing players ​to ⁤journey through the rich history of games from ⁤the world famous SNK corporation. Since then, the ⁤series has⁤ gone on ‍to preserve arcade ⁢classic gems such as The Legend of Kage, Sky Kid, and Pooyan. The‍ biggest surprise ⁢came​ in 2020, when Hamster Corporation‌ released the cult classic Batman: The Video Game – the first title ‌in the series to not be ‍owned by SNK.

The series ​will be wrapped up​ in ⁤2023 with its final release, The Big 10: a⁣ Collection of Rare Arcade Titles. This set will feature⁣ some never-before-seen titles from the likes of Konami, Data East, and Irem. The list of⁣ titles will be announced ⁣in the coming months, and fans can be​ sure that the set will be full of⁤ surprises.

It’s been a wild ride for the‍ Arcade Archives​ series since it began in 2019. Hamster Corporation have brought ⁣some of the ​most beloved classic arcade titles to modern ​day consoles, giving⁤ a new generation ⁣of ⁢gamers the opportunity to experience them for themselves. We can’t ⁢wait to see ⁤what exciting titles the final ⁣release of the ‌series has in ⁤store!


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