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GTA Dream Fades as Rockstar Closes Real-Life Cluckin’ Bell Restaurant

GTA Dream Fades as Rockstar Closes Real-Life Cluckin’ Bell Restaurant

Rockstar, the company ⁢best-known for the Grand Theft​ Auto‌ (GTA) series, ‍recently⁤ opened its ⁤own‍ fast⁤ food restaurant in the⁣ United Kingdom -⁣ a⁣ real-life version ​of ‌the in-game fast food ‍chain, Cluckin’ ⁣Bell. Unfortunately for GTA fans, the ‌restaurant’s ‌time⁣ has come ⁣to an end, as ⁣Rockstar has⁤ announced it is‌ closing its doors.

Rockstar⁢ first announced​ the⁣ Cluckin’ Bell restaurant ​back in April 2018 after​ years ⁤of speculation⁣ from fans‍ of the​ GTA series. The restaurant, located in London’s Soho neighborhood, served‍ several GTA-inspired dishes, such as Cluckin’ Larder Burgers,​ Dillo ⁤Dogs and BAWSAss ​Burgers.

The ⁣restaurant opened⁣ to a⁢ mostly positive ⁤critical response, with fans ⁣praising the⁢ attention to​ detail and enthusiasm from the employees. It‌ quickly became ​a popular stop for GTA fans, ⁣and some‍ even made the​ pilgrimage to‍ London ‌just⁣ to ‌visit​ the restaurant. ⁤

However,⁤ after ‌just over⁢ one year​ in ⁤business, Rockstar has decided to close the restaurant. ⁢The company made⁤ the announcement⁣ on ​social⁣ media,‍ stating that‍ the restaurant ⁣was ⁢”an experiment ⁤[they] were ⁤fortunate enough ​to be able ⁢to ⁣try” and thanking everyone for their support.

Though ‌the news​ was disappointing ⁤for fans, Rockstar has not ruled out the ‌possibility ‍of bringing Cluckin’ Bell‌ back in ‌some form. Until⁣ then, fans will have to⁤ content themselves with‌ playing GTA to​ get their Cluckin’ Bell fix.


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