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Frontier Experiences Massive Layoffs After F1 Manager Development

Frontier Experiences Massive Layoffs After F1 Manager Development

Frontier, a computer game developer and publisher, has announced that it is undergoing massive layoffs after‌ the completion ⁢of‌ the F1 Manager development. The company has stated that due to the project’s completion,​ Frontier experienced a tremendous decrease in its development staff, resulting in hundreds of redundancies. Frontier has‌ been praised ⁢for its commitment to‌ its workers, and has promised to provide⁣ “full severance packages and other benefits to ‌ensure their ‌transition.”

The F1 Manager project was ⁢one of the largest projects ever taken on⁢ by Frontier.‍ The project involved ⁣the ⁤design‍ and construction of a racing management⁢ game for the PlayStation⁢ and Xbox platforms, as well as an online multiplayer version. Frontier had previously⁤ partnered with the Formula 1 racing series to promote​ and develop the game. Although‍ the game was highly anticipated, ⁤its release was met with a lukewarm‌ reception, both from critics and the ⁤public. The financial losses resulting from the project then necessitated the decision to ‍downsize.

Kelly Koester, ⁤Frontier’s CEO, released a statement regarding the layoffs, expressing his⁢ sorrow for the affected ⁤staff. He noted that the company had taken many‌ measures to ensure its workforces’ security, such as rigorous hiring practices and competitive⁤ salaries. Koester‍ said, “It is our duty to ensure the safety and well-being‌ of our employees by making sure their transition is supported in all the ways we can,⁤ and I deeply regret the circumstances that have led⁤ us here.”

Despite the layoffs, Frontier has promised to continue supporting its current F1 Manager game. The company is‍ also looking ⁢ahead to its next project, which is rumored to be a ‍new ​installment of its space exploration series,​ Elite. Frontier has yet to make an official ‍announcement regarding this project, but critics and‍ fans alike are optimistic that the new installment ⁢will be a big success whilst providing stability for the ‌company’s future.


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