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Forza Motorsport Preloads Go Live: File Size is Enormous

Forza Motorsport Preloads Go Live: File Size is Enormous

Preloading‌ for the 350GB ⁤Forza Motorsport​ has gone live, with Xbox Insider members⁢ being the‌ first to have ‍access to the game’s‌ massive 17GB preload file size. That’s ⁢a weighty number for a modern⁤ racing game,⁤ and it’s likely to cause some slowdowns for ‍those with limited bandwidth or metered data plans.

The Forza Motorsport preload includes a⁤ 24GB initial install and then a massive 13GB download when you start​ the game. That means there’s a lot of‍ content packed into‍ the game, ‌and it’s likely to be a bit bulky and larger than usual when compared to ⁢some of its modern contemporaries.

Forza⁤ Motorsport’s impressive 350GB file size pales in comparison to other AAA titles. For instance, Red Dead Redemption 2 takes up a staggering ‌105GB on Xbox One, while Fallout 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5 require more than 70GB each.

Forza Motorsport’s preload also includes some exclusive ‌content, such as ‍the ability to race the 1957 BMW 507, the stunningly‍ beautiful‍ Jaguar Project 8 supercar, and the Holiodrome bonus pack. Preloading ​also grants players a virtual currency bonus with a total of ⁣4,500,000 in-game tokens and credits.

In addition, those who preload the game ⁢will be eligible for a special customization package, which⁢ includes a set ⁢of custom wheels,⁤ an exhaust ⁤upgrade, and‌ a special livery. This preload bonus will ⁣be available until May 30th, ⁢so act fast!

For those looking for a more in-depth experience with the‌ game, the Deluxe⁤ edition is now available for​ preorder. This includes five additional cars, an exclusive VIP package with 10 additional cars, five custom liveries, and four different race suits. Preordering the Deluxe edition also grants access to events and exclusive rewards.

Forza Motorsport is ⁤set to release on May ⁤30th, with the massive file size potentially having an impact ‍on how quickly players can access the game. With an initial 24GB⁤ install size and then 13GB​ to download when you launch the game, it’s safe to say that those with ‍limited broadband or metered data plans may need to take extra caution⁤ when trying to download the⁤ game.


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