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Forza Motorsport Gains Unique Genre Tag of ‘CarPG’ – Career Mode and Content Previewed

Forza Motorsport Gains Unique Genre Tag of ‘CarPG’ – Career Mode and Content Previewed

Forza Motorsport is becoming something completely new: a genre-bending “CarPG”. In a bold new direction, the Forza franchise is aiming to combine elements of car-building, collecting, racing, and RPG mechanics to create an exciting new gaming experience. Developer Turn 10 Studios recently detailed the new game’s Career Mode and content in an online presentation.

The new “CarPG” Career Mode will focus on introducing new players to the world of cars and, for veteran racing fans, helping them find their muscle. Instead of simply picking a car as you would in a traditional racing game, players take on the role of a rising racing star and build their own powerful team of cars. The mode will expand on Forza’s previous “Assists” system, which allows players to adjust car settings for a balanced racing experience. Career Mode will offer personalized assists and other settings to tailor the racing experience for each player.

To create that perfect car lineup, Forza Motorsport’s Career Mode will also contain a collection of cosmetic items to customize a player’s cars. Players will be able to modify paint jobs, body kits, wheels, and other parts to customize their car’s look. Additionally, the game will feature a “Quality Scan” process that scans cars for certain issues and eliminates them from the game. This unique CarPG experience will be available on launch day.

Beyond the Career Mode, Forza Motorsport will also feature a robust multiplayer mode and hundreds of cars to collect. Players will be able to take their cars online for limited-time events, such as weekend races, and special events. Turn 10 Studios will also regularly roll out new content packs, such as new cars, livery customization options, and more. The developer has also promised continued support and updates for the game over time.

Forza Motorsport is set to be one of the most ambitious games this year, and Turn 10 Studios’ bold new strategy of introducing RPGs to racing may just pay off. Fans of the series will find a lot to love in the Career Mode and the promise of regular updates and content packs to keep the game fresh.


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