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Explore Dark Descent in the Latest ‘Aliens’ Launch Trailer for PS5 & PS4

Explore Dark Descent in the Latest ‘Aliens’ Launch Trailer for PS5 & PS4

The latest ‘Aliens’ launch trailer for PS5 & PS4 is an exciting glimpse into a dark descent of terror.

Discover an exploration of the underground as you journey through the deep and winding tunnels where the Aliens lay dormant. Experience extraordinary levels of intensity as you lockdown and retaliate against the relentless creatures of the deep, facing treacherous terrain and lethal encounters every step of the way.

The journey will see you rise from a rookie to legendary hero, using your skills to survive and vanquish relentless hordes of enemies as you progress through the campaign. But, you’ll also be able to choose your own path and venture off into war with any of the iconic classes. Take on the role of a Marine, a Predator, or even an Alien as you face off against deadly challenges and overwhelming odds.

Embark on a thrilling mission with dynamic co-op action, intense firefights and unpredictable events that unfold in each playthrough. Face off alone or join forces with up to three others in a traditional four-player party as you embrace a galaxy of chaos and surprises.

Experience intense visuals and technological advancement as you fight for humanity’s survival on PS5 & PS4. But, don’t forget to explore the dark descent in the latest ‘Aliens’ launch trailer, so you can experience a thrilling adventure full of adventure and excitement.


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