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Exploring the Viral Meme ‘Yeah, You Want Those Games, Right?’ – IGN

Exploring the Viral Meme ‘Yeah, You Want Those Games, Right?’ – IGN

What is the Meme ‘Yeah, You Want Those Games, Right?’?

The meme “Yeah, You Want Those‌ Games, Right?” has become widely popular on social media over the past few years. It originated ⁢on Youtube in early 2019 when a streamer made a joke about gaming news. The meme pokes fun at the constant barrage of game releases that fans experience. It’s become a way ⁣of expressing sarcasm,​ criticism, and ​recognition of the saturation ⁣of the gaming industry.

An Exploration of its ⁣Origins

The meme originated‍ from a reaction by streamer ZombaeKillz to a list of upcoming game releases. When he was asked on stream if any of the games looked interesting he replied “Yeah, you‍ want those⁢ games, ⁤right?” with a knowing​ chuckle.

Within minutes, clips of‍ the streamer’s comment⁢ began circulating on social media. People began captioning the ⁢meme with ⁤other‌ references to gaming culture. It’s been popular ever since and continues to be ​used to express⁤ a level of understanding ‍or frustration with the gaming industry.

Its Lasting Relevance

Since its inception, the meme has taken many forms. It’s been used‌ to poke fun at different⁤ events or trends in the gaming industry. It’s also become a⁣ source of hope for fans of certain games that are in development.‍

The meme’s popularity is owed to the recognition ⁣of the overwhelming number of games that are currently released and ⁣in development. It’s become a⁤ way to both poke fun at and ‍celebrate the games industry ​and its never-ending cycle of⁢ releases.


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