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ESL Readies for Next Million-Dollar Dota 2 Tournament Despite Dota Pro Circuit Shutdown

ESL Readies for Next Million-Dollar Dota 2 Tournament Despite Dota Pro Circuit Shutdown

ESL Readies for Next Million-Dollar ⁣Dota 2 Tournament Despite Dota‍ Pro Circuit Shutdown

ESL is gearing up for ‍its next big Dota ⁤2 event – the ESL One Birmingham, the first million-dollar prize ​pool in the game after the halt of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC).

The ESL One Birmingham⁢ is scheduled to take place from May ⁣24-26. It will ⁤feature the top eight⁣ teams from Europe, North America, Southeast‌ Asia, and China, each securing a minimum of $46,250 in prize money. The remaining $50,000 will go to⁣ the champion.

The ⁣tournament will⁤ also be packed with plenty of ‍exclusive content, including daily post-game panels with special guests, an active vote-your-champion system, and cosplay contests. ESL also teased a “mystery guest” that’s set to headline the event.

The ESL One Birmingham is going to be one of the most⁢ exciting Dota 2 tournaments ‍for fans ‌who are still missing the Dota Pro Circuit, which‌ was put ⁢on hold after the Chinese government​ cancelled its investment in esports at the start of ‍the year.

The ⁣tournament is scheduled‍ for the same‍ time ⁤as‍ the ⁢Stockholm Major, which‌ is part of the canceled DPC. All‍ the teams that would⁣ have‌ taken part in the Major have been invited to ESL One Birmingham as well. Despite the setback,‌ ESL is confident that the event won’t be overshadowed and will be an excellent opportunity⁤ for‍ both players and viewers.

ESL ⁣One Birmingham ‍marks a milestone moment for Dota 2 esports, as ⁣it will be the first tournament⁣ to offer a ​million-dollar prize pool after the cancellation of the DPC.

ESL has⁢ been running Dota 2 tournaments since 2014, when it put on the ESL One Frankfurt. That event ​featured the same $1 million prize pool as the upcoming Birmingham tournament. Since then, ESL ‌has turned into one⁢ of the most popular tournament ​organizers for Dota 2, and after some rough times, it looks like it is going to be once again the highlight of the scene.


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