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East vs. West: OWL 2023 Summer Qualifiers Week 1 Day 3

East vs. West: OWL 2023 Summer Qualifiers Week 1 Day 3

The Overwatch League 2023 Summer Qualifiers Week 1 Day 3 saw the East and West teams clashing in some tight fights. In the East, the Boston Uprising, Philadelphia Fusion, and Paris Eternal all took their matchups. In the West, the San Francisco Shock, Vancouver Titans, and Los Angeles Gladiators battled for their wins. It was an intense day full of edge-of-your seat moments and drama, and we’ve got the scoop.

Boston Uprising

The Boston Uprising showed off their skills for a clean sweep of their match against the Philadelphia Fusion. MichaelMu and Rivizariu both had great performances on Zarya and Brigitte, respectively, while Gamsu’s stellar Reinhardt made it easy to take objectives with ease. It was a masterclass against a Fusion team that didn’t have an answer for the Uprising’s team coordination.

Philadelphia Fusion

Although Philadelphia fell to Boston, they had a strong showing against Paris Eternal later in the day. On paper, the Eternal was expected to have the advantage in most aspects, but Joemeister had other plans. His Lucio play helped secure the series for Philadelphia, and the team rebuilt with solid defense and superior map control in their following games. Carpe later took center stage, leading the way with a masterful Widowmaker performance.

Paris Eternal

Things weren’t so great for the Paris Eternal in their matchup against the Philadelphia Fusion, losing in a close 3-2 series. They were outdone by Fusion’s hero picks and map control. During the series, the Eternal showcased veteran tank player Greyy on D.Va, as well as HooTi and Finnsi’s pocket Tracers. Tankline woes seemed to haunt Paris, and their economy crumbled without a proper frontline to hold down the fort.

San Francisco Shock

The San Francisco Shock came alive in their matchup with the Vancouver Titans, showing great synergy in a 3-0 sweep. Seominsoo and Twox put on a great show on D.Va and Moira, respectively, while sinatraa’s Reaper and Moth’s Genji drove the point home. sinatraa also showcased his McCree, showing off excellent aim and awareness.

Vancouver Titans

The Titans had a tough time against the Shock, as their attempts to make things work often failed to come through. They were out-crafted both in composition and strategy, and their stalwart Reinhardt defense couldn’t withstand San Francisco’s impeccable dives. The Titans missed the mark in the end, unable to catch up to the Shock in terms of real-time decision making.

Los Angeles Gladiators

The Gladiators demonstrated brilliant team play in their series against the Shock, and even took a match off them. The series started off equally as both teams threw off one another, but the Gladiators gained traction with Asher’s timely Dragonstrikes and Hydration’s Ashe clearing out cramped spaces. In the end, Los Angeles managed to take a game off the Shock, proving that this is a team to be taken seriously.

The Overwatch League 2023 Summer Qualifiers Week 1 Day 3 showcased the best of the East and West teams, as each squad demonstrated their own levels of skill and finesse. It was a long day full of great moments, with each team giving it their all. In the end, the Boston Uprising was the champion of the day, as they swept their series against the Philadelphia Fusion. All eyes are now on next week, as teams aiming for a bid in the Summer Playoffs prepare for more intense matches.


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