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Twitch Introduces ‘Labeling’ System for Mature Content

Twitch Introduces ‘Labeling’ System for Mature Content

Twitch, the popular streaming platform, introduced its new “Labeling” system, which is designed to help viewers determine when a stream contains mature content. This feature allows the streaming platform to make it easier for viewers to find streams with appropriate content.

The labeling system is based on the same systems that are used by other digital platforms like Netflix and YouTube. With this labeling system, streams that contain mature content will be labeled with an appropriate label. It’s important to note that not all streams that are labeled as containing mature content are necessarily explicit. Instead, the labeling system will be used to highlight streams that contain content that may not be appropriate for all viewers, such as adult language, alcohol and drug references, and sensitive topics or themes.

The labeling system also allows streamers to customize their labels based on what they think would be appropriate for their channels. The labeling system can be configured to a variety of levels of explicitness, making it easier for viewers to avoid seeing content they don’t wish to see. Additionally, streamers can choose whether they want to display the labels on their streams or not.

The labeling system is also designed to help viewers easily find streams that match their interests. By selecting the appropriate labels, viewers can filter and search streams based on the content they’d like to watch. This feature will be especially helpful for streamers who create content that’s intended for mature audiences.

The labeling system is an important step forward for Twitch in its efforts to help viewers find the right content for them. By making it easier to determine which streams contain mature content, Twitch is helping to ensure that viewers can easily find the content that best fits their interests.


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