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Destiny 2 Price Drop: $10 Shader Now Available on Bright Dust Store

Destiny 2 Price Drop: $10 Shader Now Available on Bright Dust Store

It⁢ was a happy⁤ day for Destiny 2 fans as the developer, Bungie announced a price drop on one of the fan-favorites, Shader. Now, players can purchase the Shader for a discounted price of just $10 from the Bright Dust Store.

The shader ‍is available⁣ to be‌ acquired⁣ for any⁢ platform, which includes PC, ⁤PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Bungie had released a trailer for ​the Shader bundle that‌ showcased its different color options. Along ‌with the discounted shader, the developer also​ added several small surprises such as an emoticon and an extra in-game treasure, which could be useful for streamers.

The destitute value of Shader before the price drop was 50 Bright Dust,⁢ however, due to the ‌new update, players ‍can‌ now ‍acquire the same for only 10 ‌Bright Dust. This makes it a great offer for fans looking⁣ to customize their in-game look.

The timeline for the discount has been set for ‍two weeks,‌ and players must utilize this ⁣unique‌ opportunity during the allotted time. Bungie also mentioned that players should check ‍the in-game Bright ‌Dust Store ⁢often for similar offers and ‍discounts. As​ the developer intends to regularly update it.

Furthermore, Bungie has recently released an update for Destiny 2’s ‍Shadowkeep ⁢expansion which adds a variety of fixes and improvements. Title Update 4.2.2 was ⁢released on March 4 and addresses several ​issues reported by fans such ⁤as Containers not awarding⁤ items properly, objectives to finish ‌the ​Epilogue, and Crucible medal tracking.

It is expected that​ Bungie will continue to work and release updates to further improve the in-game experience for⁢ fans. So, Destiny 2 players‍ should ⁢make sure to avail the discounted Shader bundle and be on the lookout for more​ special offers on the in-game ​Bright Dust Store.


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