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Defeating Hydro Tulpa in Genshin Impact: Location and Strategies

Defeating Hydro Tulpa in Genshin Impact: Location and Strategies

Genshin‍ Impact is the popular free-to-play open-world RPG from miHoYo. It has⁢ grown ‌in popularity in recent years, and ‍with​ the introduction of new characters and powerful bosses, the challenge of ‍defeating them has become ⁣even more exclusive. One of these bosses is Hydro Tulpa, a powerful water-elemental beast found in Dragonspine. Those looking to battle Hydro‌ Tulpa must first know the location of ⁤where he is found and understand⁢ the strategies needed to defeat him.


Hydro Tulpa can be found in the snow-covered Dragonspine region. He is located in a valley adjacent to the peak of Dragonspine which can be​ accessed by climbing the frozen cliffside wall. Once you reach the peak, you will be able to spot the large and imposing Hydro Tulpa making his​ way through the terrain.


Hydro Tulpa is an elemental beast and is weak to ​certain elements. Before⁤ starting the ‍fight, be‍ sure to equip characters with elemental abilities that are strong against his, such as Electro or⁢ Pyro. You will also want to use characters and weapons with high Attack ⁣and Movement Speed, such as Xiangling and Childe, ⁢as this will help you to do damage faster before ‍Hydro Tulpa has a chance to retaliate. Additionally, ⁢having characters that can produce AoE attacks is⁢ helpful, ⁣as it will enable you to do⁢ damage to multiple enemies at⁢ the same time.

Once you have your characters and weapons equipped, the fight against Hydro⁢ Tulpa will begin. You ⁣will want to focus on attacking with your characters, while also using your Elemental bursts for extra damage. When Hydro Tulpa’s health drops‌ to a certain point, he⁣ will use his​ power to create a barrier which will ‌protect​ him from further damage. To bypass this, you will need to use an ‍Anemo ability to break the barrier and continue attacking.

These strategies should help‍ you ⁤defeat Hydro Tulpa. Be‍ sure to equip yourself with the right elements and ‌characters and apply the strategies outlined above for the best chance of success. Good luck!


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