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EA Promises ‘Amazing’ Visuals in FIFA 24 Despite Reported Player Face Issues

EA Promises ‘Amazing’ Visuals in FIFA 24 Despite Reported Player Face Issues

Electronics Arts (EA) has recently addressed reports of various visual issues with its upcoming game FIFA 24. The company has promised fans the game will boast a “truly amazing level of visual fidelity” and that its developers are hard at work ensuring that the game won’t suffer from the same reported problems and bugs that have plagued FIFA 24’s predecessors.

Issues the developer team is said to be focusing on include player facial features, which have previously been all too often inaccurately represented by the game’s developers. In a statement an EA representative said, “We understand the importance of accurately reflecting a player’s facial characteristics and we are hard at work addressing this issue for FIFA 24. We are confident that we can deliver a truly amazing level of visual fidelity on FIFA 24.”

EA has also stated that the developer team is committed to improving the game’s match engine, which is used to generate the simulated real life environments that form the basis of the game. This is intended to help make the game look more realistic, ensuring that players’ every move is accurately reflected in the game-world.

The studio also went on to state that they are looking into other graphical issues that have been reported by players, such as the game’s poor texture rendering and frame rate drops. The developers have promised that these issues will be fixed before the game’s release.

Overall, EA has expressed optimism for the future of the FIFA franchise, saying that its developers are dedicated to creating the best football gaming experience for its fans. With reported player face issues expected to be addressed, EA seems confident that it can deliver a game with amazing visuals that players will love.


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